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Our Values


Providing person centered care to empower people with a disability to exercise choice and control, have opportunities to learn and develop, and celebrate their individuality.


Creating a sense of belonging, through promoting inclusion and support for the entire disability community; for participants, their families, and service providers.


Fostering meaningful and authentic connections, built on a foundation of transparency and open communication.


Providing quality and innovative services that are grounded in respect, empathy, and integrity; establishing continuous improvement and learning opportunities throughout the organisation.

How can more people have the opportunity to experience the joy of support work without the politics, stress and fear of the unknown? I realised the answer lay within creating opportunities.



What services do we provide?

Life Skill Development

Providing opportunities for people with a disability to build valuable life-skills

Support Network

Valuable networking opportunities with participants, independent contractors, and local businesses connected to VGSS

Group Activities

The organisation of regular social events and activities for VGSS contractors to bring their clients

NDIS Participants

Connecting NDIS participants and Independent Contractors to create meaningful and positive support relationships


Providing guidance, counselling and learning opportunities for Independent Contractors


Administrative functions for Independent Contractors, and providing a sense of security so they can focus on supporting clients
Very Good Support Services Network

Members of our network.

It's our network that makes us successful. We are proud to provide a place for independent contractors and small business owners to connect with and support people with a disability, and each other. It is as part of this network that we find security, community and a sense of belonging...

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